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Outboard Machine Shop

Boring & Resleeving

We specialize in boring/resleeving outboards marine cylinders, motorcycles, ATVs, watercraft, and snowmobiles. From big bore Harley Davidson’s to blind hole Outboard marine blocks we can bore them with one of our Kwik Way boring bars. This allow us to offer you extreme precision and a quick turn around rate.


Before any machine work is started a visual inspection is made. Looking for cracks, holes or chips in or on any surface.  All Cylinders are measured to see if any over sizing had been done before. An estimate is prepared and customer is called. After approval has been given, cylinders are bored all ports are deburred and top of cylinder is chamfered, and finally honed. Blocks are stamped with size for every cylinder as well as paper tagged (better visual for future use on shelf/storage) and sprayed with a rust block chemical. They  are then packaged and shipped.