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Back in the old days, before outboard marine engines existed, people relied heavily on sails or oars to power small watercrafts. The traditional method of powering boats is not ideal in the modern world, mostly because being able to arrive to your destination faster is simply much better and convenient. And with the invention of outboard engines in the early 20th century, people are now able to navigate the waters in a fast and efficient way that oars and sails can only dream of achieving.

An outboard marine motor has a similar function with that of a car engine. Both of them are required to burn fuel in order to provide power necessary for operating, but the primary difference with outboard motors is that there are fewer cylinders compared to a car’s engine, and it operates in either a two- or four-stage cycle. Also, the motor in an outboard engine powers a propeller, whereas for car engine’s it’s for driving a gearbox.

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People from all walks of life have benefitted from the brilliance of outboard marine engines. Fishermen use outboard motors to power small- to medium-sized watercrafts for various fishing purposes, hobbyists use a small boat affixed with an outboard engine to fish in the middle of a lake, and some people utilize an outboard-powered vessel to traverse bodies of water for leisure, just because they can.

Similar to a car engine, an office computer, or a home appliance, an outboard marine engine is no stranger to performance issues. After all, it’s something that gets used on a regular basis, so it’s very reasonable for it to encounter problems from time to time. Luckily for boat owners, we at Outboard Clinic can take care of any problems that your outboard engine may have.

Outboard engines have different parts that require taking care of, and we have the necessary knowledge and expertise to pull off a successful repair or rebuild. As outboard rebuilders and repairers who specialize in our craft, we offer head repair, lower unit rebuild and repair, powerhead remanufacturing, and machine work, all of which are guaranteed to be delivered at the highest standard. And most importantly, we also handle all makes and models of outboard engines, which means we can also repair and rebuild Johnson outboards.

Frequent usage of engines can cause the outboard head’s cylinders to accumulate dirt and its components to have buildups of carbon deposits. The valves suffer from the wear and tear of water traveling as well, which will then require it to be cleaned, re-grounded, or replaced regularly. Also, the guides and seats require proper inspection since they can affect overall performance if not taken care of. Everything mentioned here are all under outboard head repair alone, and we follow a systematic repairing and remanufacturing process in order to ensure that the outboard heads of our clients are as good as new.

Lower units are perhaps the most important part of outboard engines in terms of function, and they are also very expensive. For something as important as a lower unit, it’s essential for boat owners to maintain it regularly in order for it to deliver an optimized performance. But if your lower unit is already experiencing problems, our comprehensive restoration and rebuilding process can help restore your engine’s precious component back to its former glory.

For other concerns regarding outboard engines, like remanufactured powerheads and outboard motor cylinder boring, we can do those too. Just check out our website for further information and reach out to us as soon as you can.

As a boat owner, it’s your responsibility to have your outboard engine properly maintained at all times. So if it is currently experiencing any issues, be sure to waste no time and let a professional have a look at it ASAP. Because for each moment that passes where you didn’t have it checked or repaired, it will probably cost you time in the future that you could’ve spent and enjoyed in the water.

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