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Re manufactured Honda power heads allow you to make your investment stretch further. There are some issues that we have seen with outboard motors, we like to give you all the facts. When your outboard engine gives you problems, here are the most common causes for issues that may arise. The engine tends to shut off while underway. Another common issue is a short in the throttle control wires, which blows the fuse and can be very frustrating resulting in continued repair.

The most common problems are electrical, in the fact that your engine won’t start. Tilt your engine to ensure that it has enough fuel to get going. Your engine might not run at its full speed, if that is the case then your battery connection might have some corrosion. Scrub it away. Then, check the killswitch which may have shorted out.

Fuel systems are also problematic, ensure that the pump ball is firm, make sure there are no leaks anywhere. If there is still an issue it could be Ethanol.

If there is still an issue it may have been the cooling system, make sure your intakes are not blocked with waste and debris that you picked up along the way. Perhaps check the thermostat, for most customers at this point you would want to go ahead and send it in to us to be checked out.

We specialize in fixing all models of Honda Outboard motors such as the: BF2.3, BF5, BF8-9.9, BF25-30, BF50-50, BF60/BFP60, BF75-90, BF115, BF135-150, BF200-225, BF250.

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