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Re manufactured Jonhson Evinrude engines are wonderful engines to own, we cater to all models and have seen the following issues arise. E-Tec engines can have issues with the EMM or engine control module might begin smoking. The powerheads can blow, the starters are replaced, overheating issues and issues with the ignition switch.

When you have an outboard engine you are aware that you have to maintain it constantly. Keeping outboard engines running smoothly means that they need to be meticulously maintained. You might be thrilled with your engine for now but in the future you may need to have your Evinrude engine reworked, that is where we come in.

When it comes to preserving the life of your outboard motor we also recommend winterizing it. Something that can be commonly ignored. Although most of us believe that the water will drain on its own out of the engine, not always the case. We recommend that you add fuel conditioner to your fuel tank and let it circulate around the fuel tank.

If your engine has high idle speeds then check that the throttle connection is good and that the engine isn’t being forced into a higher position. An inability to start is also a typical issue.

All issues that may arise with your Johnson Evinrude engine can be fixed at our shop. Our 35 years experience has made us more than qualified to handle any issue your engine may have.

We specialize in fixing all models of Johnson Evinrude Outboard motors such as the:
E-Tec G2 200-300 HP, H.O. 15-250 HP, V6 150-300 HP, V4 115 HP, Pontoon Series 90-150 HP, Inline 25-90 HP, Multi-fuel 30-55 HP, Portable 3.5-15 HP.

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