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Re manufactured Suzuki power heads offer you factory reliability at an affordable cost.

As with any outboard motor, there are some issues that are more commonly seen with one brand or another. We have been rebuilding outboard engines for 35 years and in that time have seen a few trends emerge.

Whether you already have one or are planning to buy a Suzuki outboard engine, these are some of the most notable issues. These are some of the reasons for needing get your motor re manufactured. Good news is, we have the capability to fix it and make it as good as new.

With the power head rebuilding we have seen issues with the 4 stroke, more specifically the 250 and 300 hp. These engines are taking on water due to the cylinder head surface and/or block surface. We have the tools necessary to solve these issues, an engine that takes on water is not reliable. These engines also tend to warp (the cylinders aren’t straight), we have the correct tools for decking and resurfacing of the cylinder and the engine surface of the block.

Our years of experience have given us the know how on how to completely disassemble these parts piece by piece, clean then, oil them, restore them to manufacturers standards. We are held to the highest of standards and believe in a completely transparent policy, we itemize every invoice and give you the breakdown of re manufacturing cost.

If you start to notice your Suzuki engine is acting up, then contact us and we would be glad to get you a quote, even if you do it yourself, call us with any questions you may have regarding issues with your Suzuki 250/300 hp 4 stroke outboard engine. send us your engine and we will re manufacture your Suzuki Power heads. Keep your engine running longer when you have it worked on by OutboardClinic.

We specialize in fixing all models of Suzuki Outboard motors such as the:
DF175, DF150, DF140A, DF115A, DF90A, DF70A, DF60A, DF50A, DF40A

If you are curious about the engines we repair, give us a call (772) 521-2515.

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