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Re manufactured Yamaha power heads are a great way to increase the longevity of your outboard motor. Each one of these motors has its pros and its cons, which we have experienced at length working on them over the last 35 years.

The most common issues are that the 4 Stroke D6 tend to rot out due to corrosion and electrolysis. We repair them to their original factory specifications, we ensure that they have no twist and are straight so the cam shafts don’t lock up. Having a working engine is imperative when you are out, having your equipment work correctly can not only save you time but could potentially save you from a disastrous situation.

Your Yamaha engine might also experience issues if the fuel you use has more than 10% Ethanol. It affects the performance of the engine in that it will absorb more moisture from the air, also there may be more contamination issues with water being absorbed by the fuel tanks. Ethanol has also been known to dissolve some solid materials and can loosen corrosion as well. It may oxidize steel and aluminum tanks, so you may want to use a Ethanol stabilizer or fuel filter.

Another big issue is seen in the reliability of an engine that has been out of service for a while. If you are not going to use it for a few weeks or more and If your engine is carbureted, you need to drain the fuel in it. Start the engine, let it run, disconnect the fuel source, let it idle until the fuel runs out. Then place a rag under the carburetor and allow all the fuel to be drained. You can probably let it sit for three or four months without any issues. You need to flush out the liquids in your motor to ensure that they work efficiently down the road.

Here at Outboard Clinic our goal is to get you information regarding the engine that you currently own, that way, you can care for it more efficiently and keep it running longer. We do all we can to give you the peace of mind that boating requires to be enjoyed. Whether your engine is a year old or several, having it serviced ensures that it continues to run problem free into the future. We offer our expertise and our attention to detail with a heavy emphasis on customer service, because we know that you are what is most important.

We specialize in fixing all models of Yamaha Outboard motors such as the:
V8 F350 5.3 L, V6 4.2 L Big Bore, V6 3.3 L, V6 V Max Sho 4.2 L, V Max 2.8 L, In line four stroke: F200, F175, F150, F115.

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