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About us

In 1978, I started working for a family dealership owned by the Yetter family. They dealt primarily with tournament fishermen and high-performance boats. Alongside the Yetter’s I learned specialized methods of rigging and technical skills on outboard repairs and custom painting, recarpeting and everything in between. The most important things that I learned were the value of great customer communication, quality workmanship, and dependability.

After 13 years with the Yetter’s, I decided it was time to branch out with my own family dealership. Focusing on the bass fisherman, we started as dealers for Ranger and Stratos Bass Boats, Mercury, Johnson, Evinrude, Yamaha, Nissan, and Tohatsu Motor Lines. Our family dealership had something different to offer, an in-house machine shop and rebuilding service, as well as “Free Pick-Up and Delivery” services for dealers and independent shop owners.

In 2002, we sold our full dealership but retained the Rebuilding and Machine Shop service. After a much-needed vacation, we introduced Outboard Clinic. Today we work with dealers and independent shops both local and worldwide. With my son by my side, we continue to maintain the lessons that I learned working alongside the Yetter family 38 years ago The value of great customer communication, quality workmanship and dependability still hold true from my family to yours.


We work on EVERY Major Brand of Outboard Engine!

Currently, we are offering a range of specialized outboard services to both dealers and independent shops. We are adept in handling outboard head repairs, lower unit rebuilds, and repairs, powerhead remanufacturing jobs, and machine shop projects. Each service that we offer here at Outboard Clinic is guaranteed to be of the highest standard in the industry of outboard marine engines. We are also able to supply the highest quality new and used parts that are needed by our customers.
Using the valuable knowledge I have learned over the course of 38 years, I am able to guide my staff with all of the work they perform in the shop, ensuring that every job done is of the highest standard. It also enables us to handle all makes and models of outboard marine engines. With that said, my guidance and input regarding machine work and outboard rebuilds and repairs are instrumental to our ever-growing reputation and success in the industry.

One of the things that make us stand out from the competition is that we are one of the largest full-service outboard marine engine repair and rebuild shops in the country. We managed to reach that certain level of success because of the excellent quality of work we do for every service we provide. Also, our quality workmanship and dependability enabled us to gain the trust and loyalty of many dealers and independent shops.

Another thing that makes us special is our complete in-house machine shop services that cover Jet Ski and outboard rebuilding. Not many shops are able to provide the same level of comprehensive machine shop services that we do, which is why we are the go-to shop for customers both nationally and internationally.